Tooties Europe


Tooties and our teaching techniques are very effective for helping children learn to learn through movement in a fun way.

Many years of experience working with Tooties has made it clear that there is a strong relationship between playing, movement and learning. The research project we did with the Radboud University Nijmegen in The Netherlands has now given first scientific evidence for this relationship.

Many learning difficulties are a matter of poor development and not necessarily a matter of being inferior or deficient.  Exercising body, vision, and the mind to work together, as well as developing basic learning skills such as concentration, persistence, structuring, and planning give a child experiences to overcome his difficulties and do much better in school. 

Tooties are designed to provide exercises for every child and for all levels of ability, including handicapped individuals. Begin at each child’s current level of functioning and gradually advance to higher levels only when the child is capable. Children love to be challenged as long as they are close to success and Tooties can make teaching children more fun and effective.

Activities involving movement and play can lead directly to mastering a certain level of self-generated learning abilities when the concepts conveyed in this manual are applied.  Activities should have this long-term goal in mind.

Tooties and the Tootie equipment have been well thought through, planned and developed.  The mindfulness of Functional Optometrists realized the value behind them and supplied input to help further develop them. Tooties attract children’s attention, are wonderful to work with and have a high educational value if used in a thoughtful manner.  Unless Tooties are used for feeling, counting, weighing or building roads, towers or structures, the body is constantly in motion and the eyes have a natural, fun, 3D opportunity to follow a moving object.